Johnny Ford

Johnny Ford

To the wonderful voters of the 82nd District: I am officially announcing my historic re-run for the Alabama House of Representatives.

Thanks to your vote, I was elected, and had the honor of serving as a State Representative for the 82nd District from February, 1998 to the fall of 2004 — until I was re-elected Mayor of Tuskegee.

I am the legislator who made history by passing the first bingo legislation which gave you, the people, the opportunity to vote; thereby keeping VictoryLand open, creating over 2,000 jobs, and millions of dollars for charities and economic development for the entire community.

I am the legislator who got the State Legislature to change Tuskegee University from a private University status to being recognized as a State-related institution. This led to Tuskegee University's appropriation being increased and also to the University not being required to receive 70 votes in the Legislature for an appropriation.

I am the legislator who worked with Shorter officials to convince the South Koreans to locate, in Macon County with the original Halla Plant, now the Hanon Systems, which created more than 500 good paying jobs for the people of the 82nd District.

I am the legislator who co-sponsored the legislation creating the Macon County Development Authority, headed by Mr. Joe Turnham, who is working hard, along with local officials to bring the T 100 aircraft industry to Moton Field, (an airport that I re-built during my term as Mayor of Tuskegee in 1974).

I am the legislator who worked with then Congressman Bob Riley to help secure funding from the U.S. Government to build the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site.

I am a legislator who converted to the Republican Party in order to accomplish many of the achievements mentioned above, and once I accomplished those goals, I was welcomed back into the Democratic Party by the Alabama State Democratic Executive Committee.

As a matter of fact, I now serve as a leader in the Democratic Party, as a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee. I am an active working member of the Alabama Democratic Conference and the Alabama New South Commission — at the local and the state level.

On June 5th, re-elect me to the Alabama Legislature. Not only do I pledge to remain in the Democratic Party, but I pledge that I will continue to take a leadership role as a Democrat working to "Bring the Bacon Home" for the people of the 82nd District.

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