Pipes and machinery

Pipes and machinery on Highway 81 headed to Exit 38.

Work on infrastructure for the Exit 38 development has become evident in recent days. Blue pipes were lined along Highway 81 to indicate that water and sewage lines are ready to be put in place.

An update on that development was given Utilities Board of Tuskegee (UBT) General Manager Gerald Long at a Feb. 6 meeting of the UBT. He told the Board of Directors of UBT that the go-ahead to proceed was given to the contractors.

“Krebs Engineering, consultant Roland Vaughn, South Central Alabama Development Commission (SCADC), along with the City of Tuskegee and UBT, met to clarify matters related to water and sewage lines location,” stated Long. “Then we met with Blankenship Contractors for the preconstruction meeting and gave the go-ahead to proceed with construction.”

The construction is only for the infrastructure for the Exit 38 project. Actual building will not take place until after the water/sewage lines and electricity are put in place.

In other business during the regular meeting of UBT on Tuesday, Feb. 6:

•UBT employees now have photo ID badges for security and identification purposes.

•There were nearly 20 breaks from West Martin Luther King, Lane Street, Brown Street and Franklin Road during the month of January, mostly due to the weather. There was also a 6-inch sewer line break on Hospital Road (VA Road).

•UBT received $38,867.58 in reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the work the electrical crew performed in Bartow, Fla. due to Hurricane Irma.

•The FCC approved a license modifying the UBT’s mobile radio system used by the electric and engineering crews. The Macon County Water Authority has given permission to UBT to place a repeater on one of their water tanks near the intersection of County Roads 30 and 40. UBT installed a new base station at the operations center which will increase the mobile radio coverage throughout Macon County.

•According to Jared Clay, CFO, UBT is financially stable.

“All of our ratios are above the required benchmarks to meet our bond indenture,” Clay said during the meeting. “The current ratio is 2.57 and we are required to have a 1.50. The Operating ratio is 1.35 and the requirement is 1.00 and the debt service ratio is 1.42 with a requirement of 1.25. We also have $11,931,232 available cash.”

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