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The Tuskegee United Women’s League (TUWL) held its Annual 100 Outstanding Students program on Sunday, Feb. 25 at Tuskegee University Chapel. The 100 Outstanding Students were recognized for academics, arts, athletics, character and leadership from all the schools in Macon County.

The speaker for the program was Rev. Courtney Meadows, pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church in White Hall. He focused his comments on how young people have made significant changes in the legacy of the nation — especially during Black History Month — such as those in the movement for civil rights.

He spoke of the Little Rock Nine, the Greensboro Four, the Birmingham Movement, the Black Lives Matter — and most recently — the Parkland students.

“In all these cases young people had the ability to make a difference,” said Meadows. “And it takes three things to make differences.”

1. Build on the right foundation. “This means to have the true and right values of love and decency,” he said.

2. The right affiliations and associations. “This means to have the right friends and people around you — to have peers that strive to do well and people who want to unify and not divide. Unity needs to be recaptured,” Rev. Meadows said.

3. Overcome fears. “There will always be obstacles to try to stop you, but we are often the obstacle that gets in our way. Faith is the only way to overcome fear. Faith keeps us working hard to reach our dreams,” he pointed out.

Meadows concluded by telling the young people, “believe in the power that is in you, for God has destined you to stand out.”

Aubrey Ford, former Macon County District Judge, challenged the young people to expect good things to happen to you and they will.

“God has prepared you to do great things, because you are made in His image,” Ford said. “And once you succeed, use your success to make Macon County better.”

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