Kyrah Stafford-Banks

Kyrah Stafford-Banks

Kyrah Stafford-Banks

Kyrah Stafford-Banks is a junior, communication major from Grove Hill, Alabama.

Kyrah knew she wanted to attend an Historically Black College or University (HBCU) but not just any HBCU. She visited Tuskegee University for fall open house in her senior year of high school (2014) and fell in love with school.

Kyrah describes the atmosphere at Tuskegee as loving and caring — it was like no other college visit she had taken. The students were so proud to be a student at Tuskegee and she wanted to feel the same way.

She applied while on her visit and received an acceptance letter a few weeks later.

Coming from a single-mother household with an older sister also in college, Kyrah knew she had to work hard to pay for her education.

She came to Tuskegee with the majority of her tuition paid by scholarships, including Tuskegee University’s Alabama Incentive Grant. She then received the Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship after her first semester.

Kyrah enjoys Tuskegee because it is like a home away from home. Growing up in a small town, she thought she would want to further her education in a big city, but Tuskegee captured her heart.

She has always known she wanted to go into the communications field and make a difference. She is excited about this internship and cannot wait to connect with the people of Tuskegee.

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