As thousands of people recover from hurricane damage, our prayers must continue to be with them. I also think about all the people who have to recover from the storms of health. 

The most prevalent storms include diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, cancer and more. Unlike the weather though, we can actually prevent many of these storms, but just like storms, we must have a relentless, proactive response to recovery — and to overcoming adversity they cause. Let’s look at the parallels.

Diabetes (Type 2) and Cancer:

●Prevention: Limiting sugar consumption, which is now linked to both diseases and even healthy adults should stay below 40 grams of sugar per day, unless it is energy for a workout and especially sugar after dark.

Keep in mind that the sugar inside of fruit is still sugar. Also, limiting fried and salty foods and alcohol, and avoid narcotics, as well as eating foods high in fiber, vitamins and nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables. Also, high alcohol consumption and smoking destroy your body and immune system while increasing your risk for nearly every disease known to man.

●Response/Recovery: Both muscular and cardiovascular exercise help to strengthen the immune system and prevent the loss of limbs, eyesight and other complications. Also, try to get as many antioxidants and nutrients in your body every day as well as a regular multivitamin. Vegetables and natural herbs are your best friends, as well as herbal teas and fruit, and vegetable powders. Basically, your primary focus every day should be strengthening your body every way possible, both internally and externally to increase your chances for living a longer and enjoyable life.

Heart attack:

●Prevention: The same as preventing diabetes and cancer, in addition to increasing your daily fiber with specially made products such as Fiber One products, fiber additives, as well as natural vitamins, supplements and herbs for heart health. And of course, regular cardiovascular and muscular exercise most days of the week, and 64 ounces per day or more of water or non-carbonated, non-caffineated beverages, up to half of your bodyweight in ounces per day.

●Response/Recovery: Medicine is not the only solution. Those SAME PREVENTATIVE practices, foods and supplements also work as treatment, and normally fruits, vegetables, and fiber supplements don’t interfere with medicine, but only help to strengthen your heart and not just to medicate it.

●Stroke Prevention: The same as preventing a heart attack, but avoiding fried and salty foods and daily hydration are the most important. Also, treating stress in healthy ways, such as herbal teas, fragrances, exercise, and anything that promotes laughter. Smoking and drinking alcohol may reduce stress temporarily, but they also destroy your body and lead to disease and an earlier death.

●Response/Recovery: Muscular exercise is critical for nerve pathways to recover. Cardiovascular exercise is not good enough alone. A local fitness program or fitness center is ideal. All in-home muscular workout routines need to be designed personally by a fitness professional for safety.

Well everyone, stay strong if you have been affected by either a weather related storm, or by a health related storm and don’t give up your faith or hope, because your future depends on it. Have a healthy week!

David Henderson is a personal and group fitness trainer in Tuskegee. He can be reached at (334) 421-1609 or


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