America is a representative democracy where we the people elect others to represent us and our interests in governance. It is a system that is widely applied across the world and has a long history in governance.

The people we choose to represent us in government are generally charged with promoting the interests of the people and improving the general welfare of their respective districts.

In most developed areas there is a long line of qualified and informed candidates anxiously awaiting their turn at public service. Elected representatives in more developed areas typically have interests groups who interact with them regularly and educate them of how their political decisions will impact the district.

Locally, we — like everywhere else in America — elect individuals to serve in public positions on our behalf. We have strong political organizations that work to get candidates elected, but we are severely lacking in the area of business organization.

All too often, we elect individuals with no real knowledge of how business works and no appreciation for the impact of their political decisions on business growth and operations.

As the next round of elections approach, we need to work towards strengthening our business community and identifying policy changes that support growth. We need to encourage more entrepreneurship and put funding programs in place to help finance that growth.

Long-term, we must act as a hedge of defense around local businesses and protect them from frivolous lawsuits and job-killing local regulations.

If we are to grow economically, we must change our approach to how we treat local businesses. We need to elect and reelect individuals who demonstrate understanding and respect for business.

Creating a healthy and growing business community will serve as an attractor for our County and ultimately increase tax revenues to fund government services. It’s high time we get moving if we are to compete.

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