I've heard it said that there is one thing that is consistent throughout life — and that is change. But what is not consistent is how people respond to it, and your response to change can either help you or harm you tremendously.

This week’s health tip is more personal for me now than ever because after nearly 10 years I was forced to make one of the toughest decisions of my life. That was to permanently close down my fitness center.

From day one, we truly gave it all that we had, offered as many services as we could,and made prices as affordable as possible. We know that since Nov 2007, we successfully impacted hundreds of lives and we did help our customers lose over 7,000 pounds.

When all of the numbers, facts and figures just gave us no other choice but to close down, it seemed like a terrible situation at first.

But, this is the thing — when you have a real calling in life, a true God-given purpose, your mind and your heart will not even allow you to fully operate outside of that purpose either comfortably or for very long.

It really did hurt to close, but we knew that just because one chapter was coming to an end that was not the end of the book. By completely trusting in the Lord and seeking him above anything else, I am really trying to understand the reason he would allow this to happen,

God quickly showed us a way that we will soon be able to continue providing a fitness center for Tuskegee and Macon County, but in a way that we would have generally not thought of doing. We plan to give all the details soon, but just know that it is going to be truly amazing and also better than ever before.

Now, let’s go back and imagine if I had “thrown a pity party,” got mad, blamed everyone in sight and came up with a lot of excuses of why things didn’t work. I would have never been able to clearly hear new, fresh instructions from God and therefore could have probably wasted years doing what I thought was next.

That example can also carry over to every area of life, not just work. So don’t get upset when things look like they’re changing for the worst. Just slow down, pray and keep your spirit up so that you can begin to hear and see the solution and what the next chapter to your life is.

Above all, just don’t get discouraged, but instead get inspired to find the solution, because it is always right in front of your face. You just may not see it right away. So until next week, have a healthy week, find and follow your life’s true calling and stay healthy my friends!

David Henderson is a  personal trainer and fitness instructor in Tuskegee.

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