With the U.S. Senate primary now behind us and runoff scheduled for September 26th, polling shows an uphill climb for incumbent Senator Luther Strange.

Strange finished a distant second in a crowded Republican field to former Chief Justice Roy Moore, despite a huge financial advantage and enjoying the backing of President Donald Trump.

Now with the Democratic nominee (Doug Jones) set, the two remaining Republicans are set to face off in what should prove to be an epic political balance with the future of both Alabama and nation in the balance.

The winner of the Republican nomination will likely be the winner in the General Election and go on to represent Alabama in a closely divided U.S. Senate. A win by the Republican would maintain Republicans 52-48 majority.

Most polls show Moore leading Strange by 12-18 points which has many moderates and business-minded Republicans nervous and more than willing to open their wallets offering contributions to Strange.

The financial playing field is extremely tilted in favor of Strange and will likely result in a barrage of negative ads attacking Moore in an effort to depress his base. The strategy will prove challenging but has a real chance of working as it has in past political campaigns.

Democrats are hopeful for a Moore victory, as they see him as a weaker General Election candidate with potential to drive crossover votes in support of the Democrat.

Democratic nominee Doug Jones, a former U.S. Attorney has hit the ground running, pursuing every available vote and trying to raise needed dollars to compete in December.

This race should prove to be one for the history books and could have far reaching implications beyond this election along.

With a majority of state office elections looming and many local county races ahead, this race will test friendships and long established political alliances.

The future is at stake and only a few voters will decide our fate.

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