Shortly after the Fourth of July a year ago, the community was shocked by the announcement that Calhoun Foods was closing after more than 30 years in Tuskegee.

At the time, then-Mayor Johnny Ford and Calhoun’s owner Greg Calhoun indicated that a new store — most likely Save-a-Lot — would be opening after about 120 days of renovations.

As we all know, that didn’t happen as Family Foods and Piggly Wiggly continued to operate as the only two larger grocery stores in Tuskegee.

Well, that’s all about to change.

John Yim, who owns a couple of grocery stores in the Atlanta area, one in Columbus and Capital Food Market on East South Boulevard in Montgomery, is close to opening a new location in the old Calhoun Foods building.

Yim’s stores are under the umbrella of Giant Foods. He’s not certain, but the store in Tuskegee may be called International Super Market, which would feature American-type food products as its main offering, but also have an array of international foods — if the market supports it.

He had hoped to open his Tuskegee store on July 4, but some requirements involving the city code and the need to check out equipment — such as coolers, plumbing and lighting — put the early-July opening on hold.

However, Yim hopes to complete renovations and sign final required documents before the end of July.

Once he gets a firmer idea about when he can open, Yim will announce a process for hiring employees — which will be welcome news for many in the area.

It may be nearly a year from when it was supposed to happen, but it appears there will be a new grocery store in Calhoun’s old store that will offer the community more grocery shopping options.

Sister Cities Media Page

A closed social media page has been set up exclusively for people who live or work in either Tuskegee or South, Berwick, Maine.

The Facebook page, called Common Ground-Tuskegee/South Berwick Sister City, was created so people and families in the two communities can exchange ideas, art, letters and perhaps even projects.

Tuskegee and South Berwick became sister cities this winter after both the Tuskegee City Council and the South Berwick Town Council unanimously endorsed a proclamation to that effect.

The goal of the relationship is to create various exchanges — between schools, churches, libraries, historians and individuals — with the ultimate goal of increased sharing between the two cultures.

According to the mission statement, The Sister City Project is meant to give citizens of two communities, one predominately black and the other predominately white, “the opportunity to talk with each other, listen to each other and share with each other with the goal of broadening understanding between people.”

Any resident or employee of either town who wants to be part of the Facebook page can request to join and will be added to the page.

Anyone who wants information or to get involved may also email McDermott at or Kalaful Williams in Tuskegee at

All Macon County Day

Awards Banquet

The All Macon County Day Awards Banquet will be Saturday, July 22 at 3 p.m. in the Irish and Bertha Chisholm Community Center.

The purpose of the banquet is to create a public platform to recognize citizens in the community who are making a difference in the lives of citizens of Macon County. This year’s “Making a Difference Awards” honorees are: Dr. Otis and Sarah Head, Melvin Clark, Marjorie Watson, Hiawatha Hall and Joe Mack Cameron. The “Chairman’s Humanitarian Award” will go to Oscar Collins.

For more information on how you can support this program or to purchase tickets, please call Macon County Commission Chairman Louis Maxwell at (334) 724-2555 or (334) 339-1832. Visit the website at:

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