With Election Day upon us, voters begin the process of physically deciding nominees for the Republican and Democratic primary elections for the U.S. Senate. The election will decide nominees to compete for the fall general election to choose a replacement to fill the unexpired term of now Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who previously held the seat.

The race has been a heated one, particularly on the Republican side with candidates throwing jabs and fighting to be most closely aligned with Donald Trump and his Presidential agenda.  

Luther Strange won the President’s favorite, who was officially endorsed by Trump last week in an effort to boost Strange’s flagging poll numbers.

From the beginning of the campaign, Strange and the political action committees supporting him have had their fire trained upon Congressman  Mo Brooks, hoping to make him a distasteful choice for Republican voters.  

Avoiding that fire, former Chief Justice Roy Moore jumped to the front of the pack in recent polls garnering almost a third of the vote in a crowded Republican field. The prospect of Roy Moore in the Senate is frightening to pro-business and moderate Republicans concerned over Moore’s ultra-conservative social agenda and his general uncontrollability by the establishment.

For Moore, that perception is just what he wants and seems to be desirable to the base of the Alabama Republican Party.  In the end, I expect there to be a runoff between Moore and Strange with Moore leading with the most votes in the first round. The question will then be, whether Strange can make friends with the remainder of the field and garner enough votes to keep Moore in Alabama.


For Democrats, things haven’t been as loud, but there is a bit of controversy with a potential upset in the making. Just about any political prognosticator would bet their money on former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones winning the nomination in a crowded field of Democrats.  Jones enjoys all the coveted political endorsements and even has former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden making robo-calls in support of his candidacy.  

Despite all that, political novice Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is leading all polls with almost half of likely voters supporting him. The news came as a shock to the political establishment and proves that people vote name recognition, despite the fact that Mr. Kennedy is not related to the Kennedy family from Massachusetts.  

That race could prove to be a nail bitter and could provide a badly needed boost to voter turnout of Democratic voters in what should prove to be a low-turnout election.

We should expect a marked increase in political ads if the results pan out as predicted.  You know I love a good political fight and this race is proving to be just that. Let’s see how things turn out post-election.

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