Mayor Willie Mae Powell and the Town of Shorter are at it again with the latest effort to connect Shorter/Macon County residents with quality jobs.

The previous effort was a partnership with Trenholm State Community College and Macon County Economic Development Authority. That effort provided area residents with free truck driver training that resulted in around 15 truck driver hires. The program was a great success and actually had to turn people away due to an unanticipated demand from residents for the program.

The latest event is an effort to support the Alabama Department of Corrections with the recruitment of new corrections officers to help staff Alabama prisons.

The Town of Shorter will host Corrections officials this coming Monday, Aug. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Shorter Town Hall, located at 2427 Old Federal Road. Corrections recruiters will be on hand that day accepting applicants to fill openings in the Department.

The jobs are good and so is the pay. The salary range for Correction Officer Trainees is $28,516 to $43,339 annually. Applicants must be 19 years of age or older, hold U.S. citizenship, have no felony or domestic violence convictions and be able to pass a physical agility examination, written examination, background check and drug test.

The pay is above average for our area and, unfortunately, there is no shortage of work as Alabama’s prison population continues to grow. Successful applicants will enjoy state employee benefits, like health insurance and Retirement Systems of Alabama membership.

This new jobs effort is very positive and will improve the lives of many good men and women. Many thanks to Mayor Powell and the Town of Shorter staff for supporting. Please share this information with others and help boost the Macon County economy.

For more information, you can contact Alan Ingram, Shorter Community Development Director, at 334-727-9190 or by email at

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