Editor, The Tuskegee News:

I am concerned about the life of our stores in Tuskegee. If we want our stores to stay in Tuskegee, employees cannot give the product away to their friends.

I see people walk into a store with a back pack on and walk out with it full of merchandise they did not pay for. The clerks at the front of the store never leave the front and have no idea what is going on in the other parts of the store.

It will not take companies long to balance their books and see they are losing money.

I have seen friends go through the checkout line and not pay for the merchandise on the counter. That makes it hard for the store to make a profit and stay in our community. If this continues the clerk will not have a job and our community will have one less store to serve us all.

Our community will not grow and thrive if people what are suppose to be taking care of the store and its merchandise is giving it away.

What happened to honesty?

When your so- called friends walk out with the profit we all lose out.

If you are working in a store and you are paid a salary that should make you responsible for taking care of the product in the store.

Shame on you for not doing your job!!

Louise Nall,


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