The vision of the Tuskegee Parks & Recreation Department is: to create a sense of community through our people, parks, and programs.

In March of 2018, we will be celebrating five years of existence as an independent department. The department has many plans and goals that it would like to accomplish in 2018. Let’s look forward to the outlook for 2018:


The Tuskegee Area Youth Basketball League (TAYBL) continues play…A newly formed adult exercise class continues on at the office in Abbott Park.


TAYBL will host its league tournament…TPR will participate in district basketball play in Phenix City…Registration for spring sports begins on February 1: youth baseball, youth softball, youth track.


Youth spring sports practices will begin: baseball, softball, track…TPR will host the ARPA District V quarterly meeting…Registration for adult basketball begins: men, women, masters…TPR will celebrate its 5th anniversary.


Youth softball, baseball, and track competition begins…Registration for swim team and archery team begins…Registration for summer camp begins…Registration for football, cheerleading, and volleyball begins.


TPR will participate in district and state track meets…the softball league will host its league tournament…City Pool will begin operations


Swimming competition begins…Summer camp begins…baseball and softball all-star season


Fair Tuskegee is held…YSE Belgium Basketball will return for the 6th consecutive year…fall sports camps will be held including football, cheer, and volleyball…District and State swim meet


State Adult Basketball Tournament…State Archery Competition…City Redd Pool Party…Pool closes…Football, cheerleading, volleyball practice begin


Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball season begins


Basketball registration begins…Youth football homecoming…youth football playoffs begin


Football championship…EAYFL Cheer Competition…ARPA State Volleyball Tournament held in Tuskegee…Basketball practice begins


Football/Cheer banquet…Basketball season begins

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